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Tageszulassung beantragen

Due to nationwide regulations, the online portal for digital vehicle registrations (iKfz) had to be deactivated on January 1, 2024. The vehicle registration office does not currently offer online services. Work is currently underway to resume digital services. In the meantime, the analog services of the vehicle registration office are available to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Would you like to apply for a one-day registration? Find out more here.

From 01.09.2023 the day registration of a vehicle is possible. Upon application, the initial registration of a vehicle subject to registration may also take place for the duration of exclusively the day on which the initial registration becomes effective (day registration). In the case of a day registration, no stamping of the license plates is required. The daily registration can be applied for online via the "internet-based vehicle registration". The application can be started by clicking on "online daily registration" (see Further information "Online Service").

Further information on "internet-based vehicle registration" is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (see "i Where can I find out more?").


  • No overdue fees and expenses from previous registration processes.
    In the case of arrears, the registration authority may not register the vehicle until these have been settled.
  • No motor vehicle tax arrears (including ancillary tax payments, such as interest, late fees).
    Motor vehicle tax accounts are verified by the registration authority as part of the processing of the registration application. In the event of tax arrears, the registration authority may not register the vehicle until these have been settled.
  • Written direct debit authorization for the collection of the vehicle tax.
  • Registration only at the main residence of the owner(s)

Proof of the right of disposal of the vehicle owner to be registered:

  • For first-time registration of vehicles with EU type approval:
    • the registration certificate part II and
    • the certificate of conformity (COC paper)
  • for first-time registration of vehicles with national type approval:
    • the registration certificate part II with registered type as well as variant/version key number according to § 20 para. 3 sentence 6 StVZO or data confirmation according to § 20 para. 3.a sentence 1 StVZO
  • for vehicles with EU type approval (EU certificate of conformity = COC document) or with national type approval (ABE = general operating permit) or with individual approval or an expert opinion in accordance with
  • § Section 21 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) by an officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic for which no registration certificate Part II or vehicle registration certificate has been completed to date:
    • the sales contract or the original invoice as well as
    • if applicable, the customs receipt/customs clearance certificate, provided that there is no intra-Community acquisition (i.e. in the case of import from a non-EU country).

What documents do I need?

  • Valid identity card, passport or electronic residence permit (eAT) as well as the original national passport of the vehicle owner applying for the permit
  • in case of representation with written power of attorney

    Additionally: identity card or passport of the authorized person

  • Direct debit authorisation for motor vehicle tax (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate)
  • Proof of the authorisation of the vehicle owner to be registered

    Information on the documents required for the initial registration of vehicles with

    • EC type approval
    • National type approval

    please refer to the service description "Registering a motor vehicle" under "Requirements".

  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)
  • if necessary, confirmation of reservation for the desired license plate
  • if registered to companies

    - Current and valid business registration and, if available, current and valid excerpt from the commercial register (also as a copy)
    - Power of attorney, if the person authorized to dispose does not personally submit the application on site