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taking into care of children and adolescents


Children and young people in an acute crisis or in danger can ask to be taken into care themselves. To do so, they must contact the youth welfare office responsible for their place of residence at the social center. The youth welfare office is obliged to comply with the request.

If employees of the Child and Youth Welfare Services have noticed an urgent danger to the welfare of a child, they are obliged to place the child in the care of the Youth Welfare Office.

In addition to these cases, all persons who learn that a child is being abused or neglected in his or her family can inform the Youth Welfare Office. These can be for example

  • Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • educators or teachers

If a child has been taken into care, they may notify a trusted person. The employees of the Youth Welfare Office are also obligated to immediately inform the parents or legal guardians about the matter.

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A custodial placement is only temporary. The goal is always to find a permanent good solution for the child.