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Tax return for tradesmen and self-employed persons

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As a tradesman/self-employed person, depending on the type and scope of the activity exercised, you must submit a VAT return (see also service description "VAT") and, if applicable, a trade tax return (see also service description
"Determining trade tax") in addition to the income tax return.

Anyone who runs a business or is self-employed is obliged to file an income tax return if the total income generated in the calendar year exceeds the respective basic tax-free amount (2022 = € 9,984 for single persons or € 19,968 for spouses/partners).

In addition, a tax return must always be submitted by anyone who is requested to do so by the tax office. Such a request will always be made in the case of traders/self-employed persons.

The income tax return must also be accompanied by a balance sheet with profit and loss account or (if permissible) a so-called income surplus statement (Annex EÜR).