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Temporary full-time care for foster children, accompaniment

Are you a foster carer of a child in full-time care? Then you will receive professional support and advice from the foster child service.

Foster families are entitled to support and advice, because their tasks and the demands placed on them differ significantly from those of a family without a youth welfare mandate. As private individuals, they provide a public service within the framework of educational assistance. They thus commit themselves to cooperation within the framework of assistance planning and the care agreement concluded between them and the foster child service.

In order to successfully meet the requirements of a foster family in the long term, they need professional support from specialists with proven expertise in foster child care issues. Continuous specialist support and advice for foster relationships helps to stabilize them in the long term and thus makes an important contribution to ensuring the best interests of the child.

In Bremen, PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen gemeinnützige GmbH provides counseling and support for foster parents.