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You are tolerated in Bremen or you are obliged to leave the country but still want to apply for a "Duldung" because you really cannot leave Germany? You can find further information here:

The suspension of deportation, the so-called toleration, is not a legal residence permit. Duldung is granted to foreigners who actually have to leave Germany because they cannot be granted a residence permit, but whose deportation is impossible for legal or factual reasons.

A toleration can be granted,

  • because travel to the country of origin is indeed impossible,
  • because the person in question does not have a passport from his or her country of origin and this passport cannot be obtained at present
  • because he himself or a close relative is seriously ill or is pregnant at an advanced stage and for this reason is not fit to travel,
  • as long as a spouse or minor children are still in the asylum procedure or have a residence permit or toleration certificate and no residence permit can be issued,
  • for the duration of a training course,
  • to minors who do not have parents in their country of origin who can look after them.

As a rule, tolerated persons may only take up residence at the location of the foreigners authority which has granted the toleration.

Travel abroad is not possible with a tolerance permit.

Employment is only permitted with the approval of the migration office and must be applied for in individual cases, see service "Employment as toleration holder".