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acknowledge paternity

Would you like to acknowledge paternity to a child?

Due to the current situation, the social centres of the Office for Social Services in the municipality of Bremen have currently restricted open consultation hours and home visits. Citizens are therefore asked to voice their concerns by telephone or e-mail. In special cases a personal appointment can be arranged. Appropriate emergency services are available in all social centres.

The paternity of a minor child may be recognised in a public document. The necessary consents (e.g. of the mother of the child) can also be notarised.

The documents can be recorded before or after the birth of the child.

If the father does not acknowledge paternity, the child's mother can receive advice and assistance in establishing paternity. She may also set up an assistance service of the Youth Welfare Office for this purpose.


  • The child does not need to be born yet,
  • but it must have been conceived
  • expected date of delivery or date of birth and name of the child
  • Data of the other parent
  • The father must appear in person
  • The mother must personally notarize her consent

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport