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Apply for an education voucher

Upon application, you can receive an education voucher for a further education measure from the employment agency responsible for you. To do so, you must meet certain requirements. When you receive an education voucher, you will not incur any costs for participating in the continuing education measure. You can redeem the voucher at a certified and approved provider for the corresponding further education support.

The education voucher serves to promote further vocational training. It is issued on application by the relevant employment agency, provided that the relevant requirements are met. However, there is no legal entitlement. With the approval of an education voucher, the Employment Agency assumes the costs incurred for participation in a further education measure. The voucher can be redeemed with a certified and approved provider of continuing education.


  • The applicant has worked in a professional capacity for at least three years or has completed professional training.
  • The further training is necessary to end unemployment or to avert imminent unemployment. The necessity may also be due to a lack of a vocational qualification.

  • The Employment Agency has determined that continuing education is the "only goal-oriented measure."

  • The Employment Agency considers that there is a high probability that the applicant can be integrated into the labor market or unemployment can be avoided if the (specified) educational goal is achieved.

  • The applicant can prove that he or she has taken considerable personal initiative to end unemployment.

  • The training measure and the training provider must be approved for funding. It must be ensured that the applicant can achieve the specified educational goal with the course.

Another essential prerequisite for receiving an education voucher is that counseling by the Employment Agency has taken place before participation in continuing education begins. No further education should be started without first having discussed it with the employment agency.

An education voucher will not be issued if, in the opinion of the employment mediator, unemployment can be ended without further education or if there are other more successful instruments.