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Apply for an education voucher


The employment mediator checks whether the requirements for funding are met. If this is the case, she/he personally issues an education voucher. This is usually done during a counseling session.

The assessment determines where the applicant stands with regard to his/her chances of integration into the labor market and what problems, if any, there are with placement. It is also examined whether and what additional qualifications are needed so that permanent employment can be found. The applicant selects the educational goal and duration together with the employment mediator, and this is noted on the education voucher.

Therefore, the better the chance of finding a job after an appropriate further education, the more likely it is that an education voucher will be issued.

Redeeming the education voucher
The education voucher can be redeemed within the validity period for participation in an approved measure that pursues the noted educational goal. The course and provider are selected by the participant him/herself. Information about approved measures can be found in the education and training database KursNet of the Federal Employment Agency.

The participant does not need to worry about anything else: The education provider confirms acceptance into the course on the education voucher and informs the Employment Agency of this. The employment agency then checks whether the selected course corresponds to the contents of the education voucher and whether the admission requirements are met.

Course participation
Periods of illness during the further training must be reported to both the Employment Agency and the training provider. If the employment agency makes offers of employment to the participant during the course, these must be taken up - finding a job has the highest priority.

Towards the end and after the training
Newly acquired knowledge must be applied quickly in practice, otherwise it will be lost again in a short time. Therefore, the participant should start intensive job application activities as early as possible - i.e. during or towards the end of the training.

Shortly before or at the latest after the end of the training, there is usually another meeting with the employment agency to determine the next steps in the job search.

More information

The website of the Federal Employment Agency offers extensive information on continuing vocational training. The link can be found at the top right of this page under the note "Where can I find out more?