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Apply for intensive individual socio-educational support


As a parent or guardian, you must submit an application for help with upbringing.
As a young adult, you can also submit an application yourself. This application is called "Application for assistance for young adults".

  • Contact the responsible youth welfare office.
  • The Youth Welfare Office will explain to you in a personal meeting what assistance is available.
  • If the Youth Welfare Office thinks that you need help in the form of intensive individual social-pedagogical care, then you can apply for "help with upbringing".
  • All parties involved (you, your child, the caregiver and the Youth Welfare Office) meet for a help plan discussion. In the help plan, it is determined how the help is to be structured and which goals are to be achieved.
  • The youth welfare office looks for a suitable specialist. If there are several options, they can help select one.
  • The youth welfare office regularly checks whether the help is still suitable.

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