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Applying for an extension of the mining license

Are you or your company in possession of a mining permit for the extraction of mineral resources and the permit period is expiring? Then you can apply to the competent authority for an extension.

With a mining permit, you are the only person permitted to prospect for and extract certain mineral resources within a defined area.

Permits are issued for a limited period of time. You can have this permit extended if the permit period expires in the foreseeable future and the deposit has not yet been exhausted. To do so, you must submit an application to the competent authority.


Certain requirements must be met for your permit to be extended:

  • You have a mining permit valid at the time of application to prospect and extract a specific mineral resource in the permit field and to acquire ownership of it.
  • The deposit is not yet exhausted.
  • The extraction of the mineral resource must be carried out in an orderly and planned manner.

The extension period must be appropriate to the mining project.