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Consent of the father to the adoption of a child


You must prove that you are the father of the child. A birth certificate of the child in which you are registered as the father can serve as proof. If the child has not yet been born, you must provide prima facie evidence that you are the child's father (see Requirements). The same applies if your paternity has not yet been legally established after the birth of the child.

The person recording the deed will inform you about the legal effect of the deed.

An appointment is required for the notarization at the Youth Welfare Office.

The certificate is then sent to the family court. The consent or waiver becomes effective as soon as the deed is received by the family court.
Both the consent and the waiver are irrevocable. This means that even if you change your mind, you cannot withdraw from the notarized declarations.

Legal bases

More information

The consent to the adoption must be notarized (i.e. by a notary public).

The declaration of renunciation must be publicly notarized. This is also possible in a notary's office, but also in a youth welfare office, for example.