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Crossing matters

Do you need a permit from the road construction authority to use a road area, such as footpaths and cycle paths or green spaces with a vehicle on a crossing? You can apply for this permit at the Office for Roads and Traffic.

According to § 17 BremLStrG (Bremisches Landesstraßengesetz), road areas which are not intended to accommodate general motor vehicle traffic, such as footpaths and cycle paths or green areas, may only be used by vehicles on a crossing with the permission of the road construction authority.


Eligible to apply is the owner, the person entitled to heritable building rights or usufructuary of a plot of land bordering the road. If the property does not border the road and is connected exclusively to the road by a drivable, public-legally secured access via a neighbouring property, the owner, the hereditary building right holder or usufructuary of the property situated to the rear is also entitled to file an application.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card, passport