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Deregistering the vehicle (putting it out of service)

Due to the current situation, please see the Information on the Citizen's Bureau home page.

If a vehicle is to be decommissioned, you as the vehicle owner must submit an application.

If the vehicle is to be recycled, you will receive a recycling certificate from the collection point or the recycling company (dismantling company).

When a vehicle is taken out of service, the registration number is unstamped and the tax and insurance obligation ceases. The vehicle may no longer participate in public road traffic and therefore may not be parked on public areas.

The decommissioning can also be carried out online, provided that the vehicle was registered from 01.01.2015 (see "Further information").

Notes: If desired, the license plate can be reserved for the vehicle when it is taken out of service so that it can be re-allocated in the event of the vehicle being re-registered. It is also possible to reserve the registration plate for the previous vehicle owner so that the registration plate can be allocated to the vehicle owner's subsequent vehicle. Reservation requests can only be considered if they are named when the vehicle is taken out of service; the reservation is subject to a fee.
If the previous license plates are no longer in proper condition, new license plates must be produced.

Return journeys after removal of the stamp plates may be carried out with the unstamped licence plates in the registration district indicated on the licence plate and an adjacent district on the day of deregistration (putting out of service) until midnight at the latest. The license plates must be attached to the vehicle. When driving, the shortest route - without detour - must be taken.

What documents do I need?

  • Registration certificate part I (formerly: vehicle registration document)
  • License plates

    for registered vehicles

  • proof of recovery, if applicable

    available from the recycler or the collection point

  • if applicable, a statement whether the vehicle was disposed of abroad

    or - for example as a classic car - is further used

  • external licence plates

    in the case of registered vehicles which are not registered in Bremen or Bremerhaven at the time of their registration there