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Dike certificate

You want to drive over a dike?

To do this, you need a special permit that allows you to drive on the Bremen dikes that are necessary for you. These trips are authorized only for the shortest route, i.e. from the main residence to the destination.


You will receive an annual permit only

  • for visits to relatives (only parents, children and siblings)
  • for the maintenance of a parcel of land
  • for keeping horses
  • Anything else? - please state your reason

Residents may use the dikes and paths without a special permit. In case of an inspection, the presentation of a valid identity card is sufficient.

The dikes are basically released for delivery traffic - except: the Hodenberg dike. The vehicle registration document and delivery note are to be presented during inspection.

In the case of weight-limited dikes, an exemption permit for weight-limited roads must be applied for if the permissible total weight is exceeded.

Guests of the restaurants located along the mentioned roads and paths, acquaintances, friends of residents / residents do not receive an exceptional permission. However, day tickets for driving on the dikes can be obtained from police stations: in Horn, Oberneuland, Borgfeld, Schwachhausen and Findorff.

An extension of the permit for horse farm visitors is only issued for one year.

What documents do I need?

  • Real estate tax assessment (most recent)

    The last property tax assessment from the tax office (at least from 2016) is valid in the Service Center Construction as proof of ownership for you as the owner of an apartment or house

  • Receipts
  • Justification of the application with relevant evidence
  • if you submit contracts etc. of an older date, you must in any case submit up-to-date evidence confirming the validity of the contract
  • Motor vehicle registration certificate
  • Proof of lease - payment e.g. by current bank statement