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Housing for help

You belong to the senior citizens/seniors in Bremen and have free living space and need support?

Or you belong to the students in Bremen and are looking for free living space and would like to support an elderly person?

Living for Help is aimed at older people who have free housing and a need for support, as well as students in Bremen who are looking for housing and would like to support an older person.

With the existing housing shortage and tight finances, the project offers students the opportunity to provide support services in lieu of rent. The rule of thumb is: one hour of support services per m² of housing provided.

The project promotes the coexistence of older and young people and is a generational This is an interdisciplinary form of housing that helps students gain insight into age-specific problems and counteracts loneliness. Seniors receive concrete assistance from students in their traditional homes. Students are relieved of their scarce financial resources.


Living for Help is appropriate for seniors/seniors 60 years of age and older if:

  • they have at least one spare room,
  • they would like support in their everyday life
  • they can imagine sharing their apartment with someone else

Living for help is suitable for students if:

  • they are studying in Bremen (duly enrolled),
  • they would like to live with an elderly person under one roof,
  • if you would like to support an elderly person