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Housing for help

Frequently asked Questions

  • We strive for the longest possible living partnerships, in which the living partners have the opportunity to get used to each other. We therefore aim for a period of at least one year.

  • Students are admitted to the project via the Student Union, while housing providers are admitted via the Department for Older People of the Senator for Social Affairs (see contact person). In both cases, an initial interview is conducted and recorded in writing. In the event of a possible placement, we will contact you.

  • The student lives in at least one fixed room and has the possibility to (co-)use the kitchen and bathroom. The use of common rooms (e.g. living room, cellar, storage rooms, etc.) is subject to agreement.

  • Since the assistance services eliminate the need for rent, students only incur incidental costs. Depending on the size of the occupied area, these vary between 50€ and 80€.

  • The support is arranged by agreement and recorded in writing. As a rule, it is help in the household, shopping, putting out the garbage cans, light gardening, conversations, help with the processing of mail, and much more. Nursing activities are excluded! You will provide one hour of assistance per occupied m2 per month, up to a maximum of 25 hours per month, even if you occupy more m2. The assistance is in lieu of regular rent payments.

  • You agree to perform the agreed tasks and, as with any other tenancy, to treat the apartment with care. Visiting friends is of course allowed, but should be agreed upon, e.g. with regard to rest periods, etc. Of course you have the possibility to travel, but you should also announce this in advance, so that third parties can take over their tasks.

  • Since the assistance eliminates the rent, you will only incur incidental expenses. Depending on the size of the occupied area, these vary between 50€ and 80€.

  • The tasks can be quite different and adapt to their needs. Possible activities are, for example, help in the household, accompaniment to the doctor, do the shopping, light gardening, etc.. You discuss these in advance with the student and record your agreement in writing.

  • In case of problems, the project staff is always available and takes care of solutions