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Issue of a work permit

The Office of Roads and Traffic issues work site permits in the so-called reserved road network of the municipality of Bremen.

The reserved road network includes:

  • named list of roads according to the excerpt from the Law Gazette of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (see link in the right column "Further Information")
  • all road sections on which local public transport operates regularly.

The Bremen Police Department issues permits for:

  • all work sites in all other roads (so-called subordinate road network)
  • Work sites in the reserved network, provided that the roadway is not affected (e.g. only sidewalk and/or bicycle path on a main road affected).

Please note: If a dumpster is to be placed on the sidewalk and/or bike path, it is a special use. Applications for special use should generally be addressed to the Ordnungsamt (former Stadtamt ) .

Applications for securing work sites should be submitted to the Construction Site Coordination (Senator for the Environment, Construction and Transport - Department 51). The application form can be found under "Applications".

The Construction Site Coordination will check whether and to what extent work sites with full road closures are compatible with the annual work program. Such applications must be submitted well in advance.

For permanent or annual permits that have already been issued, notify the Construction Site Coordination at least 3 working days prior to the start of work.

Please apply for changes to the ordered safeguarding using the change application, see under "Applications".


Required documents at a glance - For new applications and extensions

  • Traffic sign plans, according to the locality on a scale of 1:500 or - if sufficient for the locality - control plans
  • diversion plan, if applicable