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Marriage: Registration for marriage


Step 1: Pre-registration

Use the online pre-registration option (see "Online processing")
to shorten the processing time. The registry office receives the data you provide via the online pre-registration and can then provide you with information about the required documents.

This information will be sent to you by e-mail and should reach you within a week at the latest.

Please be patient and refrain from sending status requests.

If you have not received a reply after one week, please contact

You can then register for the marriage by making an appointment.
If you do not wish to or cannot use the online pre-registration, the relevant information will be provided during opening hours at the registry offices (see "Responsible offices" below). For this preliminary meeting, it is initially sufficient if it is attended by one of the future spouses.

In the case of foreign nationality, the respective national law/foreign law must be observed. The same applies if you were born abroad and in the case of previous marriages and/or their annulment abroad.

Step 2: Registration of the marriage

Marriage registration is only possible by prior appointment with the registry office. When registering the marriage, the documents to be submitted will be checked. You will receive information, for example, about the name and the procedure for the day of the marriage. As soon as it is determined that the requirements for marriage have been met, the marriage registration is valid for 6 months.

In principle, both partners should attend the marriage registration appointment. If one of the partners is unable to attend, they can issue a power of attorney (declaration of accession). You can find the form in the forms under "Declaration of accession".

Step 3: Marriage ceremony

Two wedding rooms are available for marriages in the historic building of the Bremen-Mitte registry office. In the Bremen-Nord registry office, weddings take place in the wedding room in the town hall on the top floor above the rooftops of Bremen-Nord in Gerhard-Rohlfs-Straße.

For marriages in both registry office districts, you can also choose an outdoor location:

For the registry office Bremen-Mitte

  • Arberger Mühle
  • botanika- The Green Science Center
    ( )
  • Fallturm- ZARM- Betriebsgesellschaft- mbH
    ( )
  • Lür-Kropp-Hof and Hochtiedshuus
    ( )
  • Bremen Town Hall
    ( )
  • Weserstadion

For the registry office Bremen North

  • Blomendal Castle
    ( )
  • Schönebeck Castle
    ( )
  • Kahnschifferhaus
    ( )

For the district of Bremen-Mitte, please arrange the date for the marriage directly with the external location (contact details: see above); for the district of Bremen-Nord with the registry office Bremen-Nord. Please note that an appointment must be made in advance with the respective registry office for the registration of the marriage.

Witnesses are no longer mandatory under German law, but can still be involved.

More information

Payment of fees is possible in cash and by EC card (with PIN).