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The change of registration must be applied for by submitting the necessary documents. The application can also be submitted by a representative (e.g. car dealer) with a written power of attorney.

The insurance company will be automatically informed by the registration authority about the allocation of the new license plate.

Appointments can be reserved online at any time via or by telephone Mon-Fri from 07:00-18:00 on the following telephone numbers:

Vehicle Registration Authority: (0421) 361-88668 or (0421) 115.

Citizens Service Center-North: (0421) 361-88644 or (0421) 115

License plates can be made during the registration process. Private providers have set up near the registration authorities for this purpose. The cost of the plates is not included in the fees. The license plates are stamped by the registration authority, i.e. provided with stickers for the main inspection and the registration district.

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Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney should appropriately include that the agent is authorized to clear any fee arrears and/or motor vehicle tax arrears.