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Register for broadcasting fee in the non-private sector

Do you have a business premises or motor vehicles used for business purposes? If so, you must pay a broadcasting fee for them and report this to the responsible office. Newly added business premises must also be registered.

In the non-private sector, you must pay a broadcasting fee for each business premises and for motor vehicles used for business purposes, taking into account the number of all employees. To do this, you must register with the relevant authority.

Exempt from the obligation to pay the contribution are

  • non-profit institutions for handicapped people
  • facilities for youth welfare
  • institutions for addicts
  • non-profit associations and foundations
  • public general education or vocational schools

Likewise, you do not have to pay broadcasting fees for establishments that do not provide a workplace.

Further information can be found in the information material of the contribution service.


You are the owner of a business establishment or have motor vehicles that are subject to contributions.