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Reporting changes in the staff of a day care center

If you want to make a personnel change in a child day care facility, you must immediately report this to the responsible supervisory authority (state youth welfare office).

As the provider of a child day care facility, you must report a change in personnel to the responsible office.

The following events are counted under personnel changes:

  • Entry into an employment relationship
  • Leaving an employment relationship
  • Change of facility within a daycare provider
  • After change of qualification of further persons in the Kita, like e.g. apprentices, Praktikannt:innen or the like.
  • Hiring of persons on the basis of the "Eckpunktevereinbarung der Kita-Trägervertretungen mit der Senatorin für Kinder und Bildung zur Personalgewinnung von dem Hintergrund des aktuellen Fachkräftemangels in der institutionellen Kindertagesbetreuung" (Quereinsteiger:innen) with an exceptional approval by the state youth welfare office according to 6.2 RiBTKe.

In general, you must note that the notification applies to all persons who work with or on the child.


As a provider, you operate a child day care facility that requires an operating permit.