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Reporting changes in the staff of a day care center


You can create the notification in writing using the form stored here (personnel notification) or using the online service.

Online procedure:

  • You create a notification in the online service.
  • After it has been created, the notification is automatically forwarded to the authority.
  • The remaining procedural steps correspond to the written procedure.

Written procedure:

  • You create a written notification of the personnel change for the respective child day care facility (KiTa) of your provider.
  • You then send your notification by mail to the State Youth Welfare Office.
  • After receipt, the State Youth Welfare Office will carry out a formal check. If formal errors or missing documents are found, it will contact you and ask for rectification.
  • You must perform the rectification and send an updated notification.

If the review is negative, the state child welfare agency will contact you and explain how or if employment is still possible. For example, the person may need to be re-qualified.

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