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Request inspection of a closed construction file

You must request to inspect a closed construction file if you need information about a construction project. Building files are created in connection with the processing and approval of building applications. A construction file includes all documents and drawings that have been created in connection with projects on a building plot.

If they wish to view documentation related to a completed construction project on your property, they must request this from the appropriate building inspector.

The documentation contains:

  • the building file with the essential documents of the building permit, such as floor plan drawings or information on the year of construction and living space,
  • the proof of stability (statics),
  • the certificate of seclusion according to the German Condominium Act (WEG),
  • files on the garage yard or
  • files on the allotment garden.


You must prove that you are either the owner or the person entitled to inherit the land on which the building project is located.

  • Alternatively, you must provide credible evidence of your legitimate interest (e.g. by submitting a power of attorney or a certificate of inheritance).
  • The respective property must be located in the municipality of Bremen.
  • The construction project must have been completed.