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Request inspection of a closed construction file


  • You complete the application and submit it together with the required documents via an online service. Alternatively, the application can also be submitted informally in writing with the required information and documents.
  • The application and the documents will be checked for competence and completeness.
  • Based on Section 29 of the Bremen Administrative Procedure Act, it will be checked whether the prerequisites for granting access to the construction file have been met and whether the construction file is available at the responsible office.
  • If all requirements are met, the construction file will be sent to you in electronic form. For this purpose, you will receive an encrypted link to download the construction file by e-mail and the access code in a second e-mail.
  • You will also receive a cost notification in this way.

Legal bases

More information

Files that have been digitized are only available as digital copies.

For a variety of reasons, it may happen that a construction file is not available, so that your request to view a specific construction file cannot be fulfilled. We ask for your understanding.