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Weser Stadium Residents' Zone


Application via online form with corresponding proof.

If the exemption permit (A4 document) and / or card is lost, a loss report must be completed and sent to the e-mail address Of course, this can also be done by post or by posting it in your letterbox.

The fee for issuing a replacement is 35.00 euros.

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Where and when is closed?

  • The area between Stader Straße and Lüneburger Straße as well as Am Schwarzen Meer/Am Hulsberg and Osterdeich is closed for cars.
  • Motorcycles are excluded from the closure
  • The closure of the residents' zone begins 2.5 hours before a major event in the Weser Stadium and ends a short time after the start of the event
  • The Osterdeich remains closed between Lübecker Straße and Stader Straße until shortly after the end of the event.

This regulation applies to major events at the Weser Stadium.