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Wohnsitz ummelden (Online - Pilotbetrieb)

This service is currently still under construction and will only be launched shortly. The online service is therefore not yet available. As soon as the service is available, you will find the corresponding link here.

Have you moved within Bremen? You can now re-register online, including the new address on your ID card. The first people to be able to use the service are single adults without underage children. The service is being continuously expanded.

For all other persons, it is still possible to submit application documents for change of residence digitally. Further information on this can be found in the linked service description "Change of residence (sole, main or secondary residence)" under "Further information".

When you move into an apartment, you must register.

You do not need to deregister with the registration office in whose jurisdiction the previous apartment was located.

For more information, see the linked description "Re-registering your residence (sole, main or secondary residence)" under "Further information".


To use this service, you need a user account with an online ID.

You will also need

  • a valid ID card with activated online ID function including PIN (more information on the online ID function can be found under "More information" - "Where can I find out more?")
  • or an eID card (for more information on the eID card, see "More information" - "Where can I find out more?")
  • an NFC-enabled smartphone or a USB card reader
  • the AusweisApp (further information on the AusweisApp can be found under "Further information" - "Where can I find out more?") for your computer or smartphone.

For the time being, this service is available to the following group of people
Single persons of legal age (single, divorced, marriage annulled, widowed, registered civil partnership annulled, registered civil partner deceased, marital status unknown) without minor children.

All registrations for new main or sole residences are possible. The status of existing secondary residences remains unaffected.