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apply for a passport


  • If you move beyond the municipal boundaries, a change of residence is necessary
  • Fingerprint capture
  • The passport can only be applied for in person, as the handwritten signature must be provided when applying for it.

More information


  • For persons under 24 years: 6 years
  • For persons aged 24 and over: 10 years

Change in German passport law

Due to a European legal regulation, there will be an important change in German passport law as of 26 June 2012:

All entries for children, which were made in the passport of the parents (or one of the parents) on the basis of earlier passport regulations until 31.10.2007, will become invalid from 26.06.2012 and no longer entitle the child to cross the border. From this day on, all children must have their own travel document when travelling abroad. For the actual passport holder, however, the document remains valid without restriction (provided it has not expired).

For further information, please call (0421) 361-88660.