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You have had a baby and need a birth certificate.

The birth of your child is registered at the registry office of the birth district. Therefore, it is not the registry office of your place of residence that is responsible, but the place of birth that is decisive. If the child is born in a hospital or birth center, these facilities register the birth in writing with the registry offices. In the case of home births, midwives, obstetricians or doctors issue the birth certificates. You must present these in person to the relevant registry office within one week of the birth of your child.


All certificates and documents must be presented in the original at the registry office. The presentation of the national passport and the electronic residence title (eAT) of the parents is also required in each case in the original. In the case of German identity cards/passports, a clearly recognizable copy can also be presented instead of the original.

For more information on the required documents, please refer to the birth flyer (see "i Where can I find out more?").
The translation of foreign documents must be done by a sworn translator and must be submitted together with the original document.
Note: In many cases, foreign documents must be certified (e.g. apostille). Please enquire at the registry office in good time before the date of birth whether this is necessary in your case. The list is not exhaustive. Further documents may be required in individual cases.

What documents do I need?

  • see Birth Flyer

    (under "i Where can I find out more?")