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Birth: Display of a birth


You can place the documents and evidence required for the notarisation in an envelope available from the clinics for this purpose and have this sent to the registry office via the clinic. If all the necessary documents are available, the birth can be registered without you visiting the registry office. You will then receive the certificates for your child and the documents submitted here by post. You can then pay the fees by bank transfer. You will receive a corresponding invoice with the certificates.

More information

If necessary, please bring an interpreter with you when you visit the registry office in order to avoid communication problems when receiving your requests. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

The registry office Bremen-Mitte is responsible for births in the clinics:

  • Links der Weser,
  • St.-Joseph-Stift,
  • Klinikum Mitte,
  • Diako,
  • Bremen-East
  • as well as for the birth centres in Bremen-City.

The registry office Bremen-Nord is responsible for births in the Klinikum-Bremen-Nord or the birth centres in Bremen North.