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Land register - inspection of the land files

Frequently asked Questions

  • In this case, you can request information in writing . You will need the exact address of the property in question and a written statement of your claim.

    Only the data that can be derived from the land register (§ 15 Land Register Decree: Name and date of birth (in the case of natural persons) or registered office (in the case of legal persons)) and the land file (registration address from the last registration documents). The registration address is not necessarily up to date and may have to be researched further by you.

  • For this purpose, please contact GeoInformation Bremen (cadastral authority) , since the land registry does not have cadastral maps.

  • All information required by interested bidders can be obtained from the compulsory auction files, which may be inspected (Sec. 42 ZVG).

    However, the mere intention to bid is not sufficient for the inspection of the real estate files.

  • The land register is not a public register. For this reason, no information of owner data can be provided in this case.

  • As the owner , you have the right to inspect the basic file yourself and to obtain the relevant copies from the file. During the inspection, you can also make the desired copies yourself at the coin-operated copier.

    If you already know exactly which documents you need, you can also request them in writing as a copy.

    The land files contain all documents required for the entries in the land register, in particular

    • Purchase or transfer agreements

    • Land charge deeds

    • Approvals for the rights in the II. section of the land register

    • Declarations of division in the case of condominium ownership and the associated partition plans and certificates of seclusion.

    The partition plans are usually available in oversize and cannot be copied by the land registry. Copies for the representation of colored markings in the plans can also not be made here. You must obtain these documents from the building office.