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Land register - inspection of the land files


The application is made

  • in person at the legal application office of the land registry (opening hours from 09:00 to 12:30). The land registry will check the legitimate interest and, if the requirements are met, will make the files available for inspection on the day after next for a period of one week.
  • in writing by mail or e-mail (please scan or photograph the application beforehand) - the file will be made available for inspection two days later. There will be no separate information about this after receipt of the request.
  • It is not possible to make a request by telephone.

The application for inspection of the basic files will be examined by the clerk of the court and then a decision will be made.

The person inspecting the file can make copies of the file himself/herself on the coin-operated copying machine available (see fees).

Photographing the relevant pages from the files is also permissible.

Alternatively, a request may be made for copies to be made from the land file by the Land Registry office (see Fees).

Oversized division plans cannot be copied from here. For this purpose, please contact the building office, which keeps all plans relating to the certificates of seclusion.

It is not possible to take documents from the land file for independent copying.

Legal bases

More information

It helps to speed up the procedure if the complete property designation (e.g. VL 43 sheet 1234) is given. You will find this, for example, in your purchase and financing agreements.

The respective beneficiaries may be represented by a proxy. The power of attorney must be submitted in writing.

Information on the 2022 Real Estate Tax Reform

An extract from the land register is generally not required for the tax return. Property owners can obtain the necessary information on the district, parcel, land parcel and property size independently via the link "Land parcel viewer" provided on the website of the Senator for Finance on the property tax reform.

Should a land register extract still be requested, this will be charged at €10.00.

If you have any further questions, please visit the website of the Senator of Finance on land tax reform. Detailed information is provided there. You will find the link to this in the "Further information" section under the heading "Where can I find out more?".

Important: The living space calculation is not done by the land registry, as this information is not derived from the land registry.